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14 Benefits of Custom PHP Development
There are many reasons why you might want to create a web application from scratch using PHP. In this article, I discuss 14 benefits/reasons why a fully custom PHP application might be the way to go.

Why and How I Built This Website From Scratch
I’ve been a freelance PHP developer since 2006. I worked hard over the years and am now a full–stack PHP developer. I designed and hand–coded this website as proof.

12 Reasons Why I Chose PHP
12 reasons why I chose PHP. I chose PHP over all the other options on the Internet because it is easy to learn, PHP hosting is widely available, is well supported, has quality documentation, is the dominate Internet programming language, is free, and open source.

Be Careful When Hiring a Freelance PHP Developer
5 things you should be aware of when hiring a PHP developer. This list should increase your chances of bringing your project in on time and on budget.

Custom PHP
A comprehensive article on custom PHP that includes multiple tables to compare custom PHP to WordPress, Drupal, Jooma, and PHP frameworks. Custom PHP has one distinct benefit over the other options.

12 Things Every Website Owner Should Know
I share my top 12 things I think a website owner should know. This includes domains, hosting, working with designers and developers, and so much more.

What is a Full–Stack PHP Developer
In this article, I answer the question: What is a full–stack PHP developer? If are looking for a PHP programmer it might be a good idea to read this article.

PHP Web Hosting
If your website runs PHP you should read this article to become familiar with the web hosting industry. If you own or run a business website you may want to read this article. There is a lot to know about the hosting industry.

13 Skills Every PHP Programmer Must Have
A Freelance PHP programmer needs to know a lot and have some serious experience. In this article I cover 13 skills every PHP programmer must have.

Freelance PHP Developer Hourly Rate – a Comprehensive Guide
A comprehensive guide to how much you can expect to pay a freelance PHP developer based on the developer’s experience level, the developer’s business model, demand for PHP programmers, geographic location, cost of doing business, cost of benefits, and the number of hours a freelance developer can bill on average per week.